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The Power of Small ‘Nudges’ – Applied Psychology in Action

The field of psychology has advanced a great deal since it gained a rigorous footing after WWII, and is starting to yield practical dividends in our society and in everyday life (See my prior blog post on cognitive psychology).  One very fruitful intersection has been psychology and economics, with the founding of behavioral economics, a hot new field.  The interesting thing is that while many of the findings of behavioral […]

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Summary: Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

The field of psychology has only had a solid experimental basis after WWII, with the advent of randomized controlled experimentation (which also led to the rise of modern medicine, by the way).  In the past couple of decades, it has had a boost from brain imaging technologies, which can objectively indicate differences among experimental subjects. As part of the social sciences, psychology has been thought of as a “soft” science, […]

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