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Get Introduced to Kazuo Ishiguro’s Novels…

I recently completed my first Learnist board, collecting reviews of each of Ishiguro’s six novels.  He is primarily famous for ‘Remains of the Day‘, but his other works are also really well-written and compelling.  His writing is famous for his emotionally-repressed ‘unreliable narrators’, his poignant writing style highlighting the interior mental life, and his demonstration of the weakness of memory. Learnist, if you are not familiar with it, is sort […]

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How I Blog a Summary of a Nonfiction Book

Do you blog or want to blog about nonfiction books you’ve read?  If so, do you lean more towards summarizing their content or providing your commentary/reactions to the book?  How do you find that balance?  There are many ways to go about this depending on your purpose as well as your personal style.  I have an approach that works for me which I’ll share.  I tend to lean towards summarizing […]

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