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An April Fools Interview with Dunder Mifflin’s ‘Michael Scott’

So for the second year in a row, for the Class Central blog, I’ve posted a fictitious article on April Fool’s Day. Last year, it was making fun of Coursera, edX, and other MOOC providers by describing a shameless product they introduced to make money. This year’s was much more interesting. It posited that Michael Scott of ‘The Office’ (played by actor Steve Carrell) took MOOCs and was interviewed by […]

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Product Concept: A way to Loosely Follow people or things of interest

Of all the burdens we have to bear in modern society, one of the ones that is growing most is information overload. This is something that has been pointed out for years, and yet new information content is growing–let’s say rapidly (I was going to say exponentially, but I’m not sure if that’s strictly true). Now of course, I think this is a net good thing. I’m sure we’ve all […]

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