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Innovations in Learning

Go Extinct! educational game – on Kickstarter now

  One of the projects I am involved in is creating an educational card game for kids called Go Extinct! Yes, its physical cards. The idea is that the game is similar to Go Fish, but instead of using regular playing cards, the cards are based on animals from the evolutionary tree. How is this educational? Three ways: a) Players learn about different animal species, based on beautiful original artwork […]

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MOOC Discussions at SXSW edu 2014

I spent this week at SXSWedu, my first time. It was exciting and quite inspiring. The conference is huge, so much so that if you talked with someone, there’s no guarantee you will run into them again the rest of the 4-day conference. There is an interesting mix of academic researchers, policy folks, nonprofits, ed tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and foundations. They all have different perspectives on education (which often, […]

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A Heartfelt Note from a Humanities MOOC Professor

Amid the storm of controversy surrounding how MOOCs (massively open online courses, see a prior post here) will disrupt/enhance/destroy higher education, is a more basic question people ask is how suitable MOOCs are for teaching the humanities. It is true that most MOOCs have focused on science & technology subject areas, as many of the innovators are from the computer science department.  Also, these subjects are fairly amenable to one-way […]

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Nudge Idea: Reinforce foreign language vocabulary with (almost) no effort

Okay, in a previous post summarizing the book ‘Nudge’, I described the concept of nudges, in which you can reap large benefits from very small, seemingly effortless changes.  In my last post I described an example idea to help conserve napkins, which relied on a nudge to (hopefully) create enough motivation for people to undertake a small effort.  Now I would like to offer an example of what I think […]

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Innovation in Education: Online MOOCs

MOOCS – An Exciting New Trend in Learning MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are a major recent trend in online education, and something that I’m very excited about.  These are modeled on college-level classes taught by leading professors at elite universities–all for free and available online for anyone to take.  The major providers are:  Udacity (, Coursera (, and edX (, the first being for-profit and the latter two not-for […]

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