To Notice and to Learn

Observations on ideas, human mind, and the world around us




Hi, my name is Charlie Chung, and I recently started this blog.  I like to write about ideas and I have special interests in the following:

  • philosophy, literature
  • cognitive psychology, lifelong learning
  • business, linguistics
  • U.S. Civil War history

This blog is not meant to share my everyday happenings, but rather to summarize or synthesize ideas, books, and concepts that I find intriguing.  Often I will summarize a book, and when I do, I try to put in the effort to synthesize what I think are the most relevant findings, describe them in my own language, and point out examples outside of the book–I also try to do some research and point out related things of interest, or areas of controversy.

Writing the blog has helped me to really think through ideas and systematize my thoughts, and thus I am grateful for the experience.  I feel good that I can look back in the future and see what I thought.  To the extent that these posts also are helpful and stimulating to others, I consider that a bonus and an honor.

My professional background is in business (sales & marketing) and high-tech.



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